Welcome to your next National Impulse coaching module.

We have called this session ‘DISCIPLES THAT MAKE DISCIPLES’. This session we have the opportunity to enjoy watching the conference sessions from our recent National Pastor’s Conference.  We were blessed to have Rev. Jon Weist from Trinity Wesleyan Church, Indianapolis, USA, as our guest speaker on key topics relating to our vision for multiplication of disciples and churches. Let’s jump straight into it.


1. Watch the intro video.
2. Watch each conference session and answer the corresponding questions
3. Check out the extra resources at the end of the module. These will be valuable tools to help you build your discipleship pathway.

Whether you were at the conference or not, please take the time to watch the four sessions, and then the opportunity to develop a discipleship pathway for your Church members.  If you were at the conference take this opportunity to get your leaders logged in to watch the sessions, and then take the next step of developing and communicating your plan for discipleship with your church.

To begin, click the first lesson below.