PASTORAL… to lovingly come alongside pastors and leaders, offering personal support to thrive in their ministry.

STRATEGIC… to support our pastors through coaching, strategies and resources for the revitalisation and multiplication of their church.

APOSTOLIC… to locate, mentor and release apostolic multipliers and church planters to launch new and thriving churches.

A NETWORK… to gather a network of leaders who are called to travel and minister among our churches bringing a sense of connection and unity.

A MOVEMENT… to gather a network who focus on making disciples and multiplying churches, until there is the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in every community throughout Australia.


“We can’t make growth happen, however, we can play our part in becoming healthier.  We can prepare the soil, plant, water and nurture. We are called to play our part (1 Cor 3:6), while trusting God to bring the supernatural blessing upon the church.  Let’s focus the next season on revitalisation and multiplication, by planting and watering more effectively than ever before, and praying that God will add to his church through disciples making disciples, and churches multiplying themselves, until there is the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in every community throughout Australia.” 

-Rev. Troy Beer

Troy and Steph’s ministry to our church is invaluable. It has been a springboard for clarity, goal setting and mapping out a plan. We have benefited greatly from the leadership principles and have been building our platforms for growth with confidence and support. Not only do Troy and Steph work with the ideology of leadership development but they are interested in supporting and providing insights on a practical level. It has been a great partnership.

Rev. Rod and Heather Hall
Senior Pastors, Toowoomba Wesleyan Church

God is moving in our nation and we need to be prepared. Our time with Troy and Steph, was exactly what we needed to make sure we are ready and prepared for what God has in store. It was encouraging, productive and brought us together as a church family even more. We are already seeing good fruit as the result of their time with us. We are so excited about what God is going to do in and through the church and our Nation through National Impulse.

Ps. Jazmine McClintock
Assistant Pastor, Yeppoon Wesleyan Church

Helping people move from the community into fully devoted followers of Jesus is the role of every church. Most of us know that but often the discipleship process is lost in the whirlwind of busyness. When we invited Troy and Stephanie to come and do a church health audit and help us put into place practical processes to see discipleship become more intentional, little did we realise the positive impact it would have on the wider church. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Rev. Ron McClintock
Senior Pastor, Yeppoon Wesleyan Church

I was just thinking about the talks Joy and I have had with Troy and Stephanie over the last few months and am pleased to be journeying with National Impulse as they work to support our Church. It’s exciting to have been involved in conversations about POD Church, pioneering and revitalisation. It is also encouraging to have denominational leadership support and help build this initiative for the Church. Having Troy and Steph come alongside us and give advice and encouragement is especially helpful. Often a Pastor can be so close to the work that some problems or maybe opportunities might not be noticed. We believe that this will be helpful for smaller churches to start to grow and thrive. We are looking forward to further involvement with this movement.

Rev. Dave Powell
Pastor, Caboolture Wesleyan Church
Rev. Troy Beer

Rev. Troy Beer

National Director Church Growth and Evangelism (National Impulse)

Troy is married to Jenni and they have four children. Troy has had a variety of experiences in launching, revitalising and multiplication within the church.  In 1999, he planted Riverside Church.  In 2012, he was re-engaged at Riverside for the purpose of revitalising the church.  It was re-launched as Axis Church.  In 2014, about eighty people were sent out from Axis to daughter the Peninsula Church.  In 2017, Troy stepped out of Axis Church and into the role of National Director of Church Growth and Evangelism.  His ministry is now leading ‘National Impulse’, an initiative focused on the revitalisation and multiplication of disciples and local churches across the nation.

Paul writes, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.
So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything,
but only God who gives the growth.” 

1 Corinthians 3:6